Tues. Feb. 23
Annual Report on Worker Safety


Pasadena Citizens' Advisory Council

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Annual Report on Worker Safety

Featuring 2015 OSHA injury data for employees and contractors
in PCAC plants. 

Meetings are usually held at First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 1062 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, Texas from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. Write
info@pasadenacac.org for details or to RSVP.


Welcome to Pasadena Citizens’ Advisory Council (PCAC)

Pasadena Citizens’ Advisory Council (PCAC) builds a partnership between industry and community in Pasadena, Texas.  At meetings held 9 times a year, we provide a forum for candid conversation about industry-related issues of community interest or concern.

Open, honest dialogue makes plant members aware of what the community expects of them.  It helps community members understand what plants do and how they work.

The primary issues we address are environment, safety, health, security, emergency response and communications, and hazardous materials transportation.  We also discuss other quality of life issues like the economy and education.

Our community members include individuals who live or work in Pasadena and representatives of organizations and government entities serving the city.  Our 17 Houston Ship Channel plant members include the major industrial facilities in Pasadena.

Come to a PCAC Meeting!

Next Regular Meeting: Thursday, December 3, 2015
  • Hazardous Materials Transportation by Rail, and the Role of the Port Terminal
    Railroad Association
  • See “Topics and Meetings” for dates for remainder of year. Meetings are held at First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 1062 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, Texas.  Write us at info@pasadenacac.org for details or to RSVP.

 Recent PCAC Topics

Jan. 2015- Overview and Tour of San Jacinto College Process Technology Program.  SummaryPresentation.
Feb. 2015- Annual Report on Worker Safety.  Summary.
Mar. 2015- Overview and Tour of PISD Career and Technical High School.  Summary.
Apr. 2015-- I've Got Something on My Mind. Program Planning.  Summary.
Aug. 2015-- Houston Ship Channel Security District.  SummarySlides.
Sept. 2015 -- Tour of US Coast Guard Station.  Summary.
Oct. 2015 -- Annual Report on Air Emissions from PCAC Plants.  Summary.
Dec. 2015 --  Hazardous Materials Transportation by Rail, with Focus on Work of Port Terminal Railroad Association (PTRA).  SummarySlides.

Feb. 2014 - Annual Report on Safety of Workers in PCAC Plants.  Summary.
Mar. 2014 - Industry and Pasadena ISD Support of Industrial Workforce Development.  Summary.  Careers in Manufacturing brochure.  Careers in Manufacturing job descriptions.
Apr. 2014 -- Pipelines and Salt Domes.  Summary
August 2014 -- Health Impacts from Environmental Exposure. Summary. Slides on Causes of Mortality in Pasadena vs. Texas as a Whole.  Slides on Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Use of Air Monitoring Date to Help Protect Public Health.
October 2014 -- Pasadena Police Department Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Program.  SummarySlides.
December 2014 -- Annual Report on PCAC Plant Air Emissions.  Summary.


Jan. 2013 - Stormwater Management in Industry and the City of Pasadena. Summary. City slidesIndustry slides.
Feb. 2013 -- Annual Report on Worker Safety in the 17 PCAC Plants.  Summary.
Mar. 2013 -- Hurricane Surge Suppression Efforts. Summary. Slides.
Apr. 2013 -- How PCAC Plants Notify Pasadena of Significant Incidents Using e-Notify. Summary.
May 2013 -- US Coast Guard on Houston Ship Channel Security. 
August 2013 -- Panama Canal Expansion. Summary.   Slides.
September 2013 -- "I've Got Something on My Mind" and Program Planning for 2014.  Summary.
October 2013 -- Annual Report on Air Emissions from PCAC Plants.  Summary
December 2013 -- Air Quality Trends and Emerging Issues.  Summary. Slides.


Jan. 2012 – Emerging Water and Wastewater Issues
Feb. 2012 – Annual Worker Safety Report
Mar. 2012 – Plant and Houston Ship Channel Security
Apr. 2012 -- Wastewater Treatment at Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority 
May 2012 -- Houston TranStar transportation & emergency management center. 
Summary. Slides.
Aug. 2012 --
Cyber Security.
Sept. 2012 --
Air Quality Update. Slides. CAER Line Changes.
Oct. 2012 -- Annual Report of Emissions from PCAC Plants.
Nov. 2012 -- How Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Uses Plant Emissions Inventories and Air Monitoring Data.  Summary.   

Nov. 2012 -- Leak Detection and Repair Programs to Find and Fix Fugitive Emissions from Valves, Flanges, Etc.

See “Topics and Meetings” for a list of issues we’ve addressed, with a short summary of the presentation and, when available, the presentation slides. 

 August 2015 Host Plant:   Sekisui Specialty Chemicals

Sekisui Specialty Chemicals America Pasadena Plant produces Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) Vinyl Acetate Monomer.  The main application of our PVOH is in the manufacture of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) which used in the manufacture of interlayer film in automobile windshields and architectural glass.  The film prevents the glass from shattering on impact.  We strive to safely make PVOH in an environmentally friendly way that meets our customer’s highest quality standards.

 PCAC's 18 Pasadena Plants
Afton Chemical
Air Products
Chevron Phillips
Enterprise Products
Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority
Houston Products Processing
INEOS (was Axiall)
Intercontinental Terminals
KM Liquids Terminals
LyondellBasell Houston Refinery
Oxy Vinyls
Pasadena Refining
Rentech Nitrogen

The PCAC Plant Directory briefly describes all 18 PCAC plants.




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